Current Need:

Food, shelter, medical supply.

As Nepal is coming out of its devastating earthquake, there is a dire requirement for basic medicines, utensils, blankets, clothes, torch& batteries and most importantly food. There are many organizations focusing on supplying materials like, tents and blankets. But there is dire shortage for perishable goods. So, we want to focus on providing food to people, thus enabling them to focus on rebuilding the country.

Our Mission:

A team of volunteers will be traveling from Hyderabad to Nepal on 11th May 2015. We will camp in Baramchi village, Nepal with an approximate population of 1500-2000 villagers. We are sourcing rice and other basic food items & will be cooking and serving these survivors.


1. Rice

2. Dal

3. Salt

4. Onions

5. Spices

6. Vegetables

With these goods we will be feeding 1500 people 2 times a day for 10 days (30,000 meals).

Sourcing & Inventory:

All the items will be sourced from UP and will be brought into Nepal via road. It’s a 7 hour journey and our truck will be making 2 trips; On day-1 & day-5. Considering the fact that we have to cross international borders, there will be administrative and legal issues in taking these goods. However, we are coordinating with the local authorities to ensure smooth operations.

How Can You Take Part?

Join the Volunteer group to help the earthquake victims

If you are someone who likes to be a part of this cause, then we invite you to join the team of volunteers traveling to Nepal. As part of this team you can contribute in your choice of activities. You can cook them a meal or help coordinate the daily feeding activities. You can also join the local NGO’s and help someone build a house or volunteer at the local clinic.

How many days?

Please plan to travel for a minimum of 3 days. You can also stay for the entire duration of the mission(10 days) if you choose to.

We are mobilizing all the resources we have, both financially and through our network to help this cause. So, utilizing all the available funds to help the victims is of top priority. This also means that we would not able to bear the travel and stay costs of the volunteers. These costs have to be born by the respective volunteers. Here is a quick checklist of requirements for a volunteer.

1. Able to bear his/her travel expenses & petty expenses.

2. Carry a sleepingbag(Yes,we will be sleeping in these!)

3. Not suffering from any illness

4. Most importantly-Desire to help the victims.

Monetary Contributions:

If you are not able to join personally on this mission, you can help by donating. The list of all donators will be published here.